Personal Growth

The Chicony Group houses a wide range of professional specialties and develops a wide range of products. The College of Competitiveness offers multidimensional course programscreated to meet the needs of different functions, departments and management positions, to provide the resources needed and to assist members of Chicony in achieving their personal goals.

Detailed planning of the curriculum framework is made for both the management and general staff, for the management members, the main focus are team management, interpersonal communication, talent identification and leadership, planning and mentoring, decision-making and adaptability; for the general staff, the course is designed according to its functions, such as marketing and sales skills, persuasion and communication skills for the sales team, and workshop and seminars on planning for innovation, trend insight and technology implementation for the R&D team.

In addition to the above-mentioned training system design, the College of Competitiveness also includes on-the-job training, such as job rotation, overseas stations, project internships, so every member of the Chicony Group can benefit from the guidance and feedback of the management, senior colleagues and peers, to improve and grow under the care of the Chicony family. In addition, we also provide career planning for retired employees, enabling them to attain spiritual satisfaction and prove their self-worth through making continuous contribution in their area of expertise.