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Employee Care


Chicony actively creates a healthy work and living environment and is committed to providing employees with reasonable and warm care so they will be highly motivated and regard the company as home. We also strive to promote equal rights between men and women so they can enjoy the same opportunities and equal treatment.

Employee welfare

Related welfare for Taiwan office employees:

Related welfare for the China factory employees:

Training and career development

“Talent of the right kind is the most valued Chicony asset. To attract the right people, Chicony provides them with a performance stage, a growth platform and a career target.” To achieve this we have designed all types of training courses based on different abilities at both the managerial and regular employee level.

Safety and hygiene management

Since 2010, Chicony’s Taiwan headquarter has established a “Industrial safety and hygiene division” to manage environmental safety and hygiene as well as energy-saving and carbon-emission reduction matters.There is no factory in Taiwan.

According to the government regulations the following tasks are carried out:

Health promotion

Chicony values the health of their employees. In Taiwan, we promote employee health and its importance in the following ways:

In the China factories, we promote all kinds of health concepts to employees and give first aid training for help in emergencies and also enhance knowledge of common diseases. We also provide annual health exams, CPR courses for rescue, and health and hygiene knowledge for female employees. These health training courses help to fortify the general health of all our employees.