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Environmental Protection


Environmental protection is Chicony’s core responsibility and an essential mission. We are committed to the prevention of environmental pollution, the design and production of green products and we continue with improvements, strive to promote corporate environment protection culture and realize a CSR spirit of “sustainable development”. Through green design and production, we are reducing the impact our production has on the environmental from carbon emission and provide the largest value of environment protection and cherish our planet.

Saving energy

Chicony realizes that the usable resources of our planet are limited and precious. As a citizen of earth and a leading technological enterprise we feel duty-bound to the saving and management of these resources. We have planned a series of management actions to achieve this purpose.

Management of electricity resources

The consumption of electricity is the main source of greenhouse gas emission and improving electricity management is a matter for continuous effort. To reduce energy-consumption over the past few years, Chicony has been enhancing the efficiency of factory facilities. In particular, measures have been taken to improve energy-saving on the production lines:

Energy-saving in air-conditioning

The actual actions were as follows:

Energy-saving in lighting

In accordance with all levels of the energy-saving project, starting in 2011, traditional T8 and fluorescent lamps T5 have been systematically replaced with T8 LED lamps. The energy saved has been 1,884.57 and 1,027.61 thousand kWh in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Actions taken were:

Energy-saving during the production process

Other energy-saving methods

Water resource management

Recycling energy

The Inverter produced by Chicony can be used to produce standard city electricity to supply factories. It has been promoted by the cooperative efforts of several well known factories in the country. At present, the Taipei headquarters building has installed a 5.8kW solar energy system (polycrystalline silicon 290W x 20) that can produce 6,418 kWh of electricity per year.

New product development

The rapid deterioration of the global climate has made “green” environmental protection an issue of the gravest concern at the UN and in all countries of the world. Chicony has spared no effort to engage in environmental protection. All products by Chicony meet international environmental protection standards, such as EU RoHS and WEEE, as well as the safety rules of CE, FCC, ICES-003, VCCI, BSMI, UL, TUV. Furthermore, right from the very start when a new product is contemplated, the concept of green design is foremost in the hope that factors which might harm the environment can be avoided. Even a tiny idea, as long as it is in some way helpful to environmental protection, can make a contribution and help us fulfill corporate social responsibility.