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Customer Services


Chicony strives to provide the customers with best services. We believe: Customer loyalty is the key to our sustainable development. Thus, we periodically review customer’s satisfaction to ensure customer’s needs are understood and addressed. The suppliers, regardless of local or global suppliers, are our important collaborative partners and their operation must comply with the local environmental protection and labor laws.

Customer relationship management mechanisms

Upholding the policy “growing with the customers”, Chicony respects them and listens to them. Through the branch offices in Americas, Europe and Asia, we provide the best quality services and meet the customer’s immediate needs for quality, which are the ideals we possess for global customer services.

To satisfy customer need for product quality, based on the pursuit of excellence, Chicony has established a quality control system that connects all departments from product design, quality production, global shipping to after sale services. Periodic customer satisfaction surveys allow us to assess, measure, and to faithfully meet customer expectations in terms of quality, price, delivery, techniques and services. Nevertheless, through these good interactions we continue to improve quality management and enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Chicony conducts periodic surveys (quarterly, semi-annual, annual) to determine and measure the level of customer satisfaction with our products. We use the main customer QBR feedback as a satisfaction index, using such items as techniques and abilities, delivery date, price, quality, and message feedback, to analyze the index numbers and then pass the results to the related departments so they may make improvements.


Year Name of Award
2010~2012 Digitimes ─ Asia, Taiwan Tech Top 100
2010 TOSHIBA ─ Best Partnership
2010 Lenovo ─ Perfect Quality Award
2010 Wistron ─ Outstanding Vendor Award
2010 Guanta Computer ─ The Best Partner Award
2011 ASUS ─  Excellent Supplier Award
2011 NEC ─ Supplier Excellence Award
2011 Compal Electronics ─ Outstanding Supplier - Best Partner
2012 Lenovo ─ Diamond Award
2012 Wistron ─ Outstanding Vendor Award